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            A Leading NYC Mayoral Candidate Thinks Roof Farms Can Save America’s Cities

            Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams distributing food Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein.

            “We can repurpose these rooftops to ensure that we can grow our food. We’re going to take trucks off the road.”

            By Amanda Kludt
            Jan 14, 2021


            Why not say, “Let’s turn to food.” And by growing the food using rooftops, using classrooms, using empty factory spaces, the person who invents and expands this system now will have enough money to leverage long contracts. So if I go to the companies and state that, “Hey, I’m going to give you a five year guarantee contract that you’re going to grow the vegetables and some of the fruits that you’re about to provide to our school system,” you now can leverage that to go into the science and to expand. What do we do in the process? You’re going to teach my young children a nutritionally-based education so they can learn this multibillion dollar industry of urban farming.

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            Sweden: Stockholm 2041: how co-management of urban space changed the city and its people

            De boeren hofstede, Lutkie & Cranenburg, 1848 – 1881

            This utopian essay is playing out twenty years from now (in 2041) and is grounded in on-going research (in 2020) on the new urban gardening commons in Stockholm City, Sweden

            By Nathalie Bergame|
            January 14, 2021


            A cry for autonomy and “the right to the city” through gardening

            With rather high initial investments for establishing a good soil quality, buying fruit-bearing bushes and other perennials as well as seeds and the looming risk of being evicted from the plot of urban land, residents who were engaged in park management in the 2020s began to demand more long-term based public land leases from the City District Administrations. Viewed from the perspective of the “right to the city,” conceptualised more than seventy years ago in 1967 by urban theorist Henri Lefebvre, the residents performed their urban duty and demanded the full rights to their labor on public land and by that claimed their right to the city.

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            The Massachusetts Urban Farming Conference (UFC) will convene local and regional experts, advocates, and innovators to support urban farming

            Fri, Mar 5, 2021 – Thu, Mar 11, 2021

            Rose Arruda
            Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
            Urban Agriculture, Food Ventures and Food Trust Coordinator

            Featured Speakers:

            Karen Washington, Co-Owner, Rise & Root Farm; Co-Founder, Black Urban Growers
            Jillian Hishaw, Esq. L.L.M., F.A.R.M.S., Founder
            Greg Watson, Director for Policy and Systems Design, Schumacher Center for a New Economics

            Samples of Sessions:

            Land Security is Food Security
            Urban Farming Policy Review Across MA Municipalities
            Grant Writing 101
            Food Justice Panels
            Urban Farms: Incubators for Climate Change Research & Applied

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            Canada: Nelson will use unique technology to reduce composting costs

            Nelson City Hall staff person Sandy Kobe with a FoodCycler used in a city staff room.

            The start-up cost including purchase of 4,000 FoodCyclers and bins is expected to be about $1.1 million, with two-thirds to be paid for by a grant from CleanBC

            By Bill Metcalfe
            Nelson Star
            Dec 9, 2020


            Households in Nelson will first treat their organic material with a FoodCycler, a kitchen counter-top unit that dehydrates food material.

            Organic material from around the RDCK will be trucked to a new facility being constructed on an old landfill site near Salmo.

            According to the city, taking the water out of the organic material before it is picked up at curbside will mean “not trucking water around,” because the volume and weight of the waste will be significantly reduced. This will result in fewer curbside collections per year, lower transportation costs, and fewer greenhouse gases.

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            Philly growers spoke out. The result is an ‘anti-racist lens’ for city’s first agricultural plan

            Kirtrina Baxter at work at her community farm in North Philadelphia. (Provided)

            In March, Parks and Rec declared gardens “essential and life-sustaining,” so that they could operate during the COVID-19 shutdown.

            By Catalina Jaramillo
            Why PBS
            January 13, 2021


            In March, Parks and Rec declared gardens “essential and life-sustaining,” so that they could operate during the COVID-19 shutdown. The department also created guidelines and support for community gardens and farmers markets to operate safely, and for gardeners to get access to the organic recycling center. It raised about $385,000 to get face masks, gloves, and other protective equipment to gardens, farms, farmers markets, and all food workers, and established PPE hubs for gardeners to collect them.

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            Netherlands: I call myself a metropolitan farmer.

            Rob Baan, Koppert Cress, The Netherlands

            By Ruud Sies (photographer) and partner Hanneke van Hintum (producer)
            Resilience Food Stories


            As a small boy Rob was often taken by his father on walks through the woods or the dunes, where he learnt which plants were edible, and where they shot rabbits. That was how his father had survived the war.

            Rob therefore came to see nature as a friend and he began to love plants. When during his studies he found an internship at the seed company Sluis & Groot, all the knowledge he had built up fell into place. He was intrigued by what the people who worked there could tell from looking at a crop and what interested him most of all was the recognition of diseases in plants. He was fascinated to discover how many variables influence the health of a plant, including its roots, its leaves, the soil, its location and the conditions there.

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            Try the Bronx Hot Sauce Supporting Community Gardens

            Courtesy Aidan Grant via Small Axe Peppers.

            This project has now grown nationwide, with 75 gardens participating in 15 cities.

            By Max Watman
            Yahoo News
            January 12, 2021


            Max Watman
            Tue, January 12, 2021, 2:05 AM PST

            John Crotty was looking for a building in the Bronx for his affordable housing development organization when by chance he spotted an empty lot with southern exposure. In a flash, he saw his future.

            “What’s going on with that space over there?” Crotty thought to himself. He immediately knew the trash strewn plot was perfect for a community garden. His next thought was about what they could possibly grow there. His mind jumped to growing peppers and making hot sauce out of them, because “it was the only thing we could grow in a confined space and make more of an end product. One hundred pounds of peppers becomes 500 pounds of hot sauce. All other fresh produce for commercial purposes goes the other way—you grow 100 pounds to sell 75.”

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